Cigarettes cause cancer! No shit. Mobile Phones cause cancer! No shit.

So, they have finally figured out they had better start warning everyone about the risks of electromagnetic radiation. The timing couldn’t come any better – the industry is so fully embedded into society now that is way too late to ‘pull out’. Just like cigarettes, ‘they’ get the population to adapt their lifestyles to not only facilitate the product, ‘they’ wait until society has properly curled its evolutionary fingers around tight enough to form a strong, golf-like grip lock onto it making it neigh impossible to relinquish. I personally haven’t used a mobile phone for 4 years. Yay me I guess, too bad I’m a heavy smoker otherwise I could actually boast of a hugely proportional health factor over the standard person. If I had a fitness routine I would probably have a job opening as the governor of California’s bullet man, you know the guy that assassins shoot at thinking they are gonna get the real target.

That just sentence just got this blog a few extra hits from the MIC =) Hey guys!

The ‘report’ isn’t officially out yet, but if you aren’t simply a head in a box on a shelf you know that 2+2=4 and electromagnetic radiation fucks with your DNA. Thats right, when our bodies generate new cells it gets this cellular data from our DNA. If our DNA is rooted – our cells are rooted. What has me ticked however, is not just the fact that we got suckered into a Tobacco Industry2.0 it’s that there is umpteen million cellular transmission towers everywhere. We now depend on wireless internet and have those devices to worry about aswell.

Lets just say this ‘report’ actually makes it’s way to public arena. What then? Do we start banning advertising of mobile phones? Do we get to sue phone manufacturers for any tumors we might develop down the track? Whats the next step? I can’t see any of that happening. I cant even see the report getting released to the public.

Dr Charlie Teo

Dr Charlie Teo

“Even though the jury’s not in, just to err on the side of safety I would try and limit the amount of electromagnetic radiation that you’re exposed to,” Dr Charlie Teo said. Doesn’t it suck having your balls firmly gripped between the vices of any professional industry. This is a man that cuts tumors out of peoples brains every single day. He knows for a fact that mobile phones boil your cells and cause cancer but he cant officially tell you, since the ‘report’ isn’t out yet. NaturalNews back in 2008 wrote about how mobile phones increase the chance that you will develop cancer of the salivary glands, your mouth area if you are anatomically ignorant, by as much as 50%! Thats a pretty huge increase, almost big enough that you could compare those chances to winning on a ♣black or ♥red gamble at the pokies.

Its makes me sick to my stomach when I see children using mobile phones. It makes me sick to my stomach when I see women, obviously pregnant pouring their hearts and souls into the Cancer Brick®. Indeed it will be a sad day when the ‘report’ is released, a violent ‘I told you so’ pointed and aimed at someone like Crazy John would be in order – the new Camel like figurehead of the industry – and probably just be muted by the thick wadding of billions of dollars wrapped around his ears.

I look forward to reading this ‘report’.


Welcome to Binary Dissent. First Post. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Drink it in. You are reading this because you either know me, know someone I know, or you have mis clicked something completely random. I’m going to take this ceremonial opportunity to outlay a few of my personal goals that I wish to achieve with this blog and the direction it is going to be taking for the duration. Exciting times indeed!

Basic introductions aside – I’m going to stay as anonymous as I possibly can, not because I feel this blog is going to be cutting edge and raw, just I like the scent of mystery. This is going to be a politically charged commentary blog, hands in the air we are going to be taking pot shots at the establishment media every opportunity that presents itself. It’s well known that we get lied to every day by the machinery wrapped around us presented as balanced news.

Over the years I’ve been able to, with the help from super patriots like Alex Jones and Jason Bermas, see through the bullshit cotton candy that is fed to us through the newspapers and mainstream television news. Its way too blatant to deny – even for the most dedicated and brainwashed subservient plebiscites. The problem however lies not in the presentation of biased news – its more the total omission of some really key stories that never break the light of day. The time for that is over, well, at least in this corner of the internet. The truth is out there (ty x-files), but most of you don’t know where to find it and even more don’t want to look. Hopefully this blog will quell your search and quench your thirst in one fell swoop. Yes folks, stick around for more witty witticisms like that – I’m putting together a special team, with special privileges.

So stay tuned for actual content in the upcoming days as I personally work out the nuts and bolts of the bullshit binary side of things so the machinery is in place to actually pump out some opinionated tripe for your digestion. We at Binary Dissent have much to say, as JFK once said — “Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism” — we agree. Stay tuned.

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