Cashless Society – Have you even thought about what that means?

Cashless Society. We’ve been sold this expression since we were children. I can remember hearing about it in primary school, teachers cocking on about it – its the future! Back then it was a little hard to swallow, I have been a computer nerd my entire life, and even something like a ‘cashless society’ was straight out of star trek. Now, years on, technology has evolved into a completely unknown beast. What was once unimagined is expected for 10 dollars or less. Technology that was considered radical is now being distributed on macdonalds happy meal toys. Hell, check out the OCZ NIA and come to the realization that the world is ‘moving forward’, a quote I’ll borrow from the bush regime – made famous for describing the ‘progress’ in Iraq.

Cashless Society. A world without cash. It makes sense, we are nearly there if you consider that credit cards and internet transactions are basically ‘cashless’. Yet we are still bound to carrying something physical aren’t we. Credit cards need wallets, internet transactions need credit cards. Not exactly the free range monetary chicken coop we were led to believe when we hear the trigger words ‘cashless society’. Onto the stage and into the lime light steps the Verichip, the worlds first and only FDA approved implantable microchip for humans. Don’t worry folks – we want it, we just don’t know it yet! Never fear, there is probably going to be at least another 1 billion dollars spent on marketing to convince us of how beneficial these chips will be.

Verichip Corp

Verichip Corp - STFU Hold Still and Take It.

See, its not that terrifying after all is it? When you look closely to it, its size is comparable to a single grain of rice. It sounds a bit rough, never fear people are working tirelessly to ensure that you wont notice them. Hitachi currently has one developed the size of a speck of powder. You really have to see the image to believe it. Assuming you haven’t read about microchips or RFID I will do you the liberty of explaining what it is all about. Currently, Verichip is ‘helping’ the medical industry with these amazing devices. If you have a pet dog or cat, you will have connected the dots already. Basically you get implanted with this RFID chip, and forever can be ‘scanned’ with a handheld device.

Upon the ‘scanning’ the RFID chip broadcasts a unique identifier key, that allows the ‘scanner’ to match your unique chip with the relevant DATABASE record. “SHOW ME YOUR ID” – this quote is going straight to the ancient history books.

Neat-o right? Well I guess if you didn’t exactly catch on to the example I used above. Still blank? You are not an animal. But that basic comparison is the tip of the iceberg. Privacy advocates all around the world are bashing their heads against anything they can to prevent humans from being micro chipped. I’ll touch upon a few points as to why, as if you couldn’t already guess. Verichip have been busy implanting these devices inside of Alzheimer’s patients, which sounds innocent enough or good heartedly motivated. But think about it, if a patient can’t logically make a decision regarding the implantation, how can they give permission with a ‘sound mind’? When does it become ‘forced’ implantation? That point gets made in the amazing documentary titled ‘One Mainframe to Rule them All‘ and can be found on you tube. I would definitely check it out if you are interested in learning more.

Cashless Society. There is only two options before us, for a truly cashless society to exist. One involves our mobile phones incorporating every piece of data usually stored on plastic cards in our wallets – Medicare, licenses, credit and bank cards etc and integrating a new form of Point of sale device at the counter of businesses, allowed a transaction to occur with the simple swipe of your mobile phone. Or we all get micro chipped and the same thing happens. Personally I think option one is going to be the way to integrate option two. As seen in this IBM advertisement for this cashless society, the man simply walks through a scanner at the exit of the shopping center. There is nothing to say that he has a microchip, or a device acting as his ‘phone’. This is what is known as conditioning. We are being conditioned to accept this cashless society and we do not even know it. Thats why the very term ‘Cashless Society’ causes a whirlpool of Endocrinol chemistry stirring in your brains. These are trigger words designed and implanted into our brains to recall every single futuristic movie we have ever seen, all the ‘good’ ones. So every time we hear ‘cashless society’ we relive how amazing it would be in the future, where we didn’t need to carry anything around to function.

Key less entry to our house, remote starting the car, hands free shopping – the list is endless. All these possibilities do actually sound pretty enticing, but what kind of negatives are we looking it? For starters everyone has used Google Earth. Pretty cool application, freaky for the first five minutes using it. Now imagine every single person in the world had a microchip (cold shivers) and now imagine that every single microchip was represented as a bring orange dot on Google earth! Ya ha, now you are getting it. Ok heres another one, lets just say you got into an argument with the bank. Mean words are exchanged and the boss takes it personally. He turns your account off. All of a sudden, in a cashless world you have no money! You have no means to purchase any food or pay the bills – the entire world operates on ‘credit’. What then?

Verichip has only recently teamed up with a company named Receptors LLC. What this merging has bought to the table is the combination of an implantable microchip, and a sensor that is a “virus triage detection system for the H1N1 virus”. So basically you can be ‘scanned’ and they can tell if you are infected with H1N1 or any other pathogens they develop the capability of detecting. Imagine the wet dream fantasy world airport security head honchos would be living in, if this were already a cashless society? The ease of filtering and screening entire airports would be reduced to a basic metal detector. What has my knickers in a bunch however, is not just this development – what else is being created? Once the pathogen detection system is developed properly, will they stop there or will they start moving towards detecting human emotions? Bio signals can already be read and converted into data that can be analysed, emotions can already be read. How much time do we have before this chip is enforced en mass for the betterment of humanity. How long before generation Z starts requesting it as an accessory for their iPhone? Scares the shit out of me. ‘Cashless Society’. This isnt paranoid thinking, we have been embedded with subconscious desires for this microchip, and the companies that are developing these technologies aren’t famous for their humanitarian efforts. Its simply a matter of time and until the right opportunity presents itself to initiate a massive population chipping agenda, we will continue to be conditioned to accept it. Say no to the chip and at least warn other people about it – just to create awareness that this isn’t science fiction anymore.

For kicks I’m going to dig up some biblical prophecies for their WTF value. “and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.” – Revelations 13:17-18. When you come across a company like SoMark Innovations and you see for yourself the merging of RFID technology and TATOO’s its way too obvious to be ignored. It’s ok tho – just live your life folks – nothing to see here…….


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