Action Plan: 15 Things Every Person Can Do Right Now

1. Email your local government representatives and let them know exactly how you feel about global governence. Forward this email to your friends and get them to do the same.

2. Letterbox drop of leaflets to raise awareness. (leaflet templates can be found on 4) Paper is cheap – 20 dollars could motivate another 50 people to join the cause.

3. Contact everyone on your social networking list, forward a specific flyer or website – ask them to pass it on. Virulence is the name of the game.

4. Contribute to the anti global government representative contact list. (Initiate a central resource for people to contribute from all over the world to easily locate contact details for every singlegovernment  representative for the world (localised details eg. politicians from Sydney, Australia). If we are heading towards a global government, maybe global participation and unification can work against the machine – 1 stop resource for all your dissenting needs. A database/website would need to be set up for this step but I envision it would be a heavily contributed towards and utilized resource.

5. If you have contacted a politician/representative regarding a certain issue, maybe your letter can serve as a template for other people to utilize. Some people aren’t as capable of expressing their thoughts as clearly and professionally as others and could benefit from you. Contribute these templates to 4.

6. Stick with the real issues and avoid talking about circumstantial conspiracies that lend no credibility to the cause.

7. Always offer a solution to those that you try to educate – people hate feeling ‘useless’ and when facing the real issues a majority are left helpless. There is something you can do about it – see above.

8. Start utilizing your social networking website for getting the truth out there, alot more people will wake up once they notice a big chunk of their friends list share the same views as each other. Turn the minority into the majority.

9. Stop supporting the machine, and support the ones with a message. If you know of a musician that is trying to get the word out eg. Immortal Technique. Buy their album and support them – their message is reaching THOUSANDS of people daily and people like this need all the support they can get to rise above the machine. At the same time, stop giving your money to artists that couldn’t give a shit about the people – artists are nothing without the fanbase.

10. Get politically motivated. Protests happen all the time – find out where and when they are occurring and encourage your friends to get involved. (Could also be part of 4)

11. Donate money to a worthy cause. Think about it, a can of soft drink costs 2 dollars. If everyone that reads this donates 2 dollars to the same fund – there will be AT LEAST $10, 000 going to something worthwhile. Remember — support the people and STOP SUPPORTING THE MACHINE.

12. Email your thoughts / ideas / support to those in the spot light. The job most of them have endowed upon themselves is massively daunting and every piece of positivity they read IS encouraging. They are people too and face ALOT of shit on a day to day basis. Encourage them, thank them.

13. Burn DVDs. Lots of them. Most people can’t sit in front of a computer to watch a documentary – take the initiative to burn copies for family members and close friends. Once they have watched it, tell them to pass it on. Chinese whispers is effective if the message doesn’t get distorted. Awareness is the first step, and these documentaries build awareness.

14. Complain to your local newspapers that they aren’t doing a good job reporting the real issues in the world. Tell them that you are disgusted by their total omission on some heavy topics that should have been in the latest issues. (Contact details for these newspapers/media can be contributed to 4)

15. Stay motivated and positive. As Alex Jones says in waking life – Humanity is still good, we are gonna win this thing!