Interesting video about the Merovingian Bloodline

 Very compelling arguement put forward by Dr Joye. She really digs deep into the bible and chronologically traces the history of the Adam + Eve. Ties in well with the research that analyses the family crest of the merovingian bloodline (Prince Charles). Check that out here after you watch the series. Prince William & 13th Bloodline of the Illuminati. It starts to make way to much sense to be comfortable, if you view it with an open mind, as this ties in perfectly with the Blue Beam Project + a trinity event occuring at the 2012 olympics in london.

Not only that, Immortal Technique prophetically calls it as it is in this song, ‘They probably cloned Jesus with the blood off of the Cross’.



3 thoughts on “Interesting video about the Merovingian Bloodline”

  1. You should look into David Flynn’s research as well as all of the Ancient of Days conference video’s.

  2. WOW! I really am interested in Dr. Joye’s book too. Very, very, VERY INTERESTING stuff! I absolutely love that she begins with the Genesis account. I will say i do have a hard time with her thoughts about there having been a sexual relationship between Eve and the serpent and the whole line of Cain. But everything she said was fascinating and a lot of it does make sense.

    Great site, btw. Never dim!


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