Avatar & Transhumanism

What a good movie =) I really enjoyed this film, even though it was nothing but a massive advertisement for the transhumanist agenda. Being Australian, I could comparitively view this film as a retelling of my nations heritage. From the first fleet landing ashore in Botany Bay and establishing a colony in 1788 I imagine it had the same devastiting consequences that one can see being played out in Avatar as the invading Humans annihilate the indigenous Na’vi in their quest for a precious mineral. It’s all too familar as the Na’vi fire their arrows at the invading warships.

Another distinct point that goes largely unnoticed is the modern day war and its inherent privitisation by large, profiteering cold-as-steel corporations. The protaganist, Jake, played by Australian actor Sam Worthington makes a fleeting point of it during his introduction to the planet Pandora. This is another huge personal point that alleviated the guilt I lingered upon when I found myself rooting for the Aliens as they were rampaging through the humans. Who’s side was I on? Obviously not the corporations side, like we have a choice anyway.

Transhumanism revolves around the constant improvement of the human race. We have evolved to our limits, and now our minds are moving faster than evolution allows our bodies to adapt. Technologically we are at the point that humans need to start actually laying out ethics and guidelines for progression to proceed. Avatar wraps this dillema in a neatly wrapped present with a big fat bow tie. What does it take to be human? What is a human? Is it a body or is it a soul? According to the Dalai Lama, if he were to reincarnate in 100 years time into a computer, that would be A-OK for him. No qualms there. There is a fight scene in the film that presents this arguement in a picture perfect analogy. The head soldier and Jake are fighting it out, Jake is in his Avatar and the head soldier is in a mechanised chasis much like the loaders from the Alien series. Man in machine vs Man in avatar. Or are they both in machines?

I don’t want to say much more in case I ruin the film for anyone, it’s definitely worth viewing – I’ve seen it twice already because there is so much to take in. Its a great ride. If you want to read and learn more about Transhumanism I would recommend reading my post about it. Transhumanism. Cyborgs. The New and Improved You!



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  1. Thanks mate =) I was gonna go heaps more in depth about this film but I truly enjoyed it and wouldn’t want to ruin any surprises for people.

    But yeah totally propaganda

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