Conscious Music & the Symphony of Destruction

I am sick to death of hearing a musician basically reading out a list of things they have in their houses or cars, or what they are wearing around their necks. No longer satisfied listening to BRAIN DEAD music, my play list now consists of nothing but music with integrity and a message. While some mindless music is great to put yourself in a good mood, like all things, it needs to be taken in moderation. Idiocy is as contagious as it appears, and you are probably making yourself stupid.

As artists are waking up to the fact that if their music carries no message, their songs are usually stolen – burnt – and they never hear from the ‘customer’ again. Partially this is because of the disposable nature of their art, depending of course on the message the music carries. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. People downloading their music take this exact same approach when it comes to acquiring the latest ‘hit’ single.

As Immortal Technique says, it is indeed time for an ‘Industrial Revolution’. Fans are waking up to the fact that the artists they choose to support by purchasing an album, better be on the same page as them – or at least somewhere in the same ball park. The time is over for us to keep supporting this mindless machine, that churns out album after album of the EXACT same bullshit, poppy trash. There are too many ‘artists’ to list that can probably have their photos mixed and matched on random album covers and you wouldn’t even know who made what.

Here is a list of artists that I deem ‘Concious Musicians’.

  1. Rage Against the Machine
  2. COG
  3. Immortal Technique
  4. La Coka Nostra
  5. Radiohead
  6. Nine Inch Nails
  7. Ill Bill
  8. Public Enemy

Comment and let me know your favourites!