DARPA test finds running electrical currents through scalp improves video game skills

In a study funded by the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), scientists at the University of New Mexico hooked subjects up to electrical currents which were generated through sponges attached to their temples.

Whilst playing DARWARS AMBUSH!, a training game designed to help soldiers train for service in Iraq, the subjects’ performance improved when they were running on batteries. This process is called transcranial direct-current stimulation (tCDS).

Neuroscientists Vincent Clarke said that the group that received two milliamps of electricity to the brain showed twice as much improvement over a short period of time compared to the group that received the lesser amount.

“The learn more quickly but they don’t have a good intuitive or introspective sense about why,” Dr Clarke told science journal, Nature.


Picture: Wikipedia, Flickr user soldiersmediacentre

Picture: Wikipedia, Flickr user soldiersmediacentre

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