‘Global Warming’ Lmfao. Nice one buddy! *Thumbs up emoticon*

Recently something happened that is so very important to all of us and all I can do is laugh my ass off. Before I get into it i’ll have a skip and a hop down memory lane. I remember back in primary school, watching a movie which wasn’t apparent to me at the time, being six years old and all, but now is quite clearly recognised as a blatant piece of propaganda, a movie about a kid with a magic skateboard that allowed him to take a trip into the future. He goes on a fantastical journey through time and witnesses first hand the devastating effects of global warming and how drastic the change was as to make earth inhabitable. If my memory serves me correctly he is the last one alive, with his faithful pet dog.

The point of the story was to embed a deep sense of fear that if you didn’t close the fridge properly, all the CFC’s would leak out into the atmosphere and ruin the planet, causing wild unpredictable storms and gigantic tidal swells that would engulf your beach house. While it was true regarding the CFC’s which have since been virtually eliminated from mass domestic applications, especially from aerosol cans, the message of the movie was rendered quite moot in light of recent events, in that man made global warming isn’t detrimental to anyone or anything. Not only can they not prove it – they can’t even successfully FAKE it! What morons. If you haven’t heard the latest Steve & Paul Watson from infowars have compiled an extraordinary article that chronicles what is now known as the ‘Climategate’ scandal.

So what does that mean for the average punter? Well for starters, the brave new world we are all facing was going to get alot braver during the cock bashing at Copenhagen, where all the shiny faced world leaders we’re going to be assembled and potentially signing yours and my own life into a gold fish bowl. They would have been handing over our national sovereignty forever, not that Australia really had national sovereignty – we were promised it with the treaty of Versailles but every year since then our prime minister has pledged allegiance to a foreign power (Queen of England). It wasn’t until this prime minister Kevin Rudd was sworn in that he dropped off that last bit of his statement, so legally he could sign treatise’s such as this one.

lordmonkLord Monckton is an outspoken critic of Al Gore and the charade that is ‘global warming’. He has been travelling the globe exposing just how ludacris this movement is.

“Publicly they’re saying the science is settled, we’re all doomed unless you close down the economies of the west, whereas privately they’re saying to each other ‘we’ve got it wrong, none of this adds up and it’s a travesty that we can’t explain it’.

Below is the interview that recently transpired with Alex Jones. Well worth a watch if you care about.. anything..