Holographic Projections over Moscow?

This has been posted before in one of my Blue Beam articles, but it deserves closer attention since now it has some actual media covered thanks to Russia Today. Obviously they are downplaying the fact that there is a huge, obvious shape floating in the sky that has no apparent way of being explained other than ‘UFO’ or ‘Unknown shape’. Whats the deal with all of these new exposures to unexplainable events? Lately there has been two huge ones, in norway and this one. The church has recently come out and said they are waiting with open arms of aliens also. Whats the go? Are these just psychological tests to poke at john Q public to determine his reaction? Or are they testing to see how fast this media spreads on the internet so they can isolate any leaks that might be a detriment to national security if something serious does go down, maybe some self inflicted terrorism? Who knows.

What I do know is, this is some pretty amazing footage and I would not be surprised one iota if this was infact a projected hologram.

Translated dialogue

“we should go over that other side to tape it better”
“I’ll go outside to tape it better. Can you pull over?”
“Nope, there is no stopping here and we better stay in the car.”
“Damn, he’ll be so wildly excited when he sees this!”
“I went to this street this morning, and this wasn’t there”
“It’s probably a meteorological balloon or an advert I think”
“We should let people see this online”
Then he dialed a phone number..