Illuminati NWO Game Cards

Check out what the sick freaks had released in the 90’s. A card game based around world domination featuring random acts of terror and miscellanious other depraved subjects. Two noticeable cards in the deck display the world trade center towers with an explosion occuring around the same floor level that the first plane hit, with the words ‘Terrorist Nuke’ describing the card, another is the pentagon up in smoke. If that doesn’t scream inside knowledge I dont know what does. There are a huge amount of suspicious cards in the deck and people everywhere are looking to them for hints at any other potential hints that might pre-warn us all of another terrorist attack.


If you want to get the deck for yourself you can by downloading it here. Here are a few cards that I think hint towards 2012 Project Blue Beam. Another strange one that has caught my eye and made me double think is this card below which looks exactly like Alex Jones. There have been rumors going around that he is a CIA agent, and he often calls out Glen Beck as for being apart of Operation Mocking bird. I can’t help but think that Alex Jones may be apart of that exact operation. Who knows. As David Icke says, take the good and leave the bad from everything.

2 thoughts on “Illuminati NWO Game Cards”

  1. Incredible!
    And a sinister sense of humor. who made this cards?
    We’ll have to check them closely, one by one, as you said.
    thank you for publishing!

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