ORDO AB CHAO… Because it’s all part of the plan…

Ordo Ab Chao translated from Latin into English becomes ‘Order out of Chaos’. This is the fundamental principal that every government organisation adheres to when trying to impose upon their plebiscite’s specific new law’s or methods of governance that would be predictably unpopular or unnecessary. The major one that has occurred in recent times, the one that awoke me to this strategy, was 9/11. It is a method in which the ruling class wishes to impose upon the serfs new rules, but knows the serfs will not accept them straight off the bat – so it introduces the problem to them in such a way, the serfs actually request these new rules or legislation, in some cases demands them! Explain it more? Ok.

“Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana

David Icke has made this basic description quite accessible and easily explained. He refers to it as ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution’. Another way to describe it is ‘Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis’. Here is a quick example using the ‘War on Terror’ as the problem, and the insane freedom destroying legislation that followed as the synthesis.

Governments want a ‘War on Terror’. This will allow them to increase their military spending by epic proportions generating a huge cash flow for the elite corporations that directly profit. Also, it reduces the privacy of the citizen to nothing. Citizens that have no secrets can be easily predicted. So they ATTACK themselves and blame Al-qaeda. 9/11 and 7/7 & Jakarta bombings all blamed on Muslim extremists.

People are terrified, no one wants to die in a terrorist attack. The newspapers display HUGE graphic images in the daily papers, play non stop video footage of destruction and carnage on television during prime time. People are scared and they want the government to save them. Eventually they start demanding the GOVERNMENT do something about it! HELP US!

The government declares a ‘War on Terror’. This opens up  the doors for unlimited, warrantless wiretapping. Every single phonecall/sms/email you send has been recorded and databased in a huge data warehouse. Nothing you do is private. Military spending has been jacked up and is bankrupting our nations. As Bush said when he was declaring his war on terror, ‘You are with us, or you are with the terrorists’.

Of course the media has a huge hand in making this materialise, but you knew their was something shifty happening with the mainstream media already, didn’t you 😉 This is just one very basic description of the hegelian dialectic. Another one that is extremely easy to comprehend is the Iraq war.

Problem:  They wanted to invade Iraq – people would not have accepted a war in such a modern time, wars were meant to have been a thing of the past. SADDAM HUSSEIN HAS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!

Reaction: Save us from the WMD’s!!!!!!! Who can remember the local papers print a massive in your face WMD on the front page? I can.

Solution: Invade Iraq. And to this day, I guess if you were so inclined (ignorant), we are still ‘solving’ this problem.

Now you understand the principal of Ordo Ab Chao, you can understand why the Iraq war has perpetuated so long. Remember reading non stop about those car bombings that occurred all the time in Iraq? The unjustified invasion of Iraq was the true root cause of them. But instead, they were used as the ‘problem’, the reaction the papers would illicit would be a deep disturbance, people would want them to stop occurring. How would that happen? By ‘Staying the Course’.

ordo ab chao

Ordo Ab Chao

Problem – Reaction – Solution
Easy to understand right? Thats because it is such an effective principal, we are constantly falling for it. This is why freemasons use Ordo Ab Chao as their motto. This is why it is called ‘Political Science’, because controlling a population isn’t a guessing game, it is SCIENCE. Now that facebook is cracking, that science just got a whole lot more advanced. What are you thinking? What’s on your mind? These questions just help them plan a little better for next time. Think about that when you mindlessly type into those boxes.




This was the methodology Adolf Hitler used to empower himself as supreme dictator of Germany. Marinus van der Lubbe was examplified as a communist and allowed Hitler to cause an uproar amongst the country. “At his trial, Van der Lubbe was found guilty and sentenced to death. He was beheaded by guillotine (the customary form of execution in Saxony at the time, it was by axe in the rest of Germany) on January 10, 1934, three days before his 25th birthday. The Nazis alleged that Van der Lubbe was part of the Communist conspiracy to burn down the Reichstag and seize power, while the Communists alleged that Van der Lubbe was part of the Nazi conspiracy to blame the crime on them. Van der Lubbe, for his part, maintained that he had acted alone to protest the condition of the German working class. Hitler suspended civil liberties in the name of battling the communists in the country and never relented his power. This power is similar to what our governments today have been instilled with in the name of freedom, they call it the Patriot Act.

Now you know how it happens, watch the news and you can see it happening right before your very eyes.