Satellite Harrassment Technology – This is INSANITY. MUST READ!

The Neurophone

US Patent # 3,393,279. July 16th, 1968
US Patent # 3,647,970. March 7th, 1972

The Neurophone was developed by Dr Patrick Flanagan in 1958. It’s a device that converts sound to electrical impulses. In its original form electrodes were placed on the skin but with defence department developments, the signals can be delivered via satellite. They then travel the nervous system directly to the brain (bypassing normal hearing mechanisms). Dr Flanagan’s “3D holographic sound system” can place sounds in any location as perceived by the targeted / tortured listener. This allows for a variety of deceptions for gullible victims.

Today, the CIA, DIA (etc) use satellites and ground – based equipment to deliver verbal threats, deafening noise and propaganda; using neurophone technology. Anything from TV’s/radio’s appearing to operate when switched off through to “Voices from God” and encounters with “telepathic” aliens are all cons using neurophone technologies to torment, deceive and (most importantly) discredit agency/criminal targets. Naturally, the system can mimic anyone’s voice and automatic computer translations (into any language) are incorporated.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that people like David Koresh, Martin Bryant and others could have been programmed then remotely triggered (or tricked) using harrassment technologies like the neurophone. (Although most of the targets are intelligent and law-abiding). For example, John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman, reportedly heard voices before and after silencing the agency-hounded peace advocate. “God” apparently told him to confess verbally.

To explain why others physically moving into the path of the laser (or whatever) do not pick up the signals, please note the following “possibilities”… a) Kirlean photography may be an ancillary system so it’s attuned to the targets personal energy field (their unique EM waves).
b) The magnetite in our brains can act as a detectable fingerprint.
c)Equally each of us has a unique bioelectrical resonance frequency in our brains. EMF Brain stimulation may be encoded so that pulsating EM signals sent to the targets brain cause audio-visual effects which only the target experiences. This, to me, is the best explanation.
d) The individuals “vibrational pattern” could be used as a signal filter like a radio receiving only the sound modulating the frequency of the station it’s tuned to.
e) The monitors simply adjust the volume downwards when you’re in a position where the signal could hit someone else’s body. Even if they heard it (briefly) they’d attribute it to another voice in the crowd etc.

As with the final proof, the definitive answer lies in the actual blueprints; secreted in the bowels of the Pentagon or some similar facility. Nonetheless, there is no report of ANY intercepted neurophone signals. If it wasn’t so effective it would not have been used to facilitate silent communications between U.S. government agents/military personnel.

Psycho-Acoustic Projector

U.S. patent #3,566,347, February 23rd, 1971
A device/weapon which can actually deafen the target.

Methods and Systems of Altering Consciousness

US Patent # 5,123,844. June 23rd, 1992
US Patent # 5,289,438. February 22nd, 1994
These systems stimulate the brain with different frequencies and wave forms to alter the subject’s state of consciousness.

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) monitoring/interference is one of the most insidious and secretive of all methods used by the agencies. N.B. Similarly, EEG cloning feeds back the results of EMF monitoring in an attempt to induce emotional responses (e.g. fear, anger, even sleep etc.). This could possibly work on certain members of a crowd or audience….again this could facilitate scams etc.

Dr Ross Adey concludes that all aspects of human behaviour can be affected, even controlled. He used 0.75 milliwatts per square centimetre of pulsed, modulated microwave at a frequency of 450 MHz.

Notably the Alaskan HAARP project (featuring the B.J.Eastland patented technology – U.S. patent #4,686,605, 11/4/87 – “Method and Apparatus for altering a region in the Earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere or magnetosphere”. AND others) also facilitates experiments in the disruption of human mental processes. It’s the largest, most versatile radio frequency radiation transmitter in the world also allowing experimentation in weather “modification”, wireless, electrical power beaming and communications “disruption”. Its systems like this which could one day see attempts made to brainwash/control entire populations. And that is just as feasible as a wholesale nuclear holocaust.

Microwave Weapons

Twenty years ago a scientist, Allan Frey, found that if a microwave carrier were to be sliced and carried audio modulation, that modulation could be heard by someone in the signals path. The thin pulses of radio carrier wave cause currents to flow through the nervous system – the result is a remote transmission; no wires or contact is needed.

“A hearing system” U.S. patent #4,877,027, 31/10/89. Wayne Brunker.
“A hearing device” U.S. patent #4,858,612, 22/8/89. Philip L.Stocklin.

Eg. The latter involves microwaves aimed at the auditory cortex. A mike turns the sounds to electrical signals which are treated so as to provide multi frequency microwaves which are applied to the brain area. Whatever sound the mike picks up (like a voice) is relayed to the target.

The first known experiment with microwaved voices was conducted by Sharp and Grove in the early 70’s. However, the Defence Intelligence Agency and ARPA (The Advanced Research Projects Agency) are principally to blame for the abuse of such technologies since. eg Project Pandora etc. The CIA’s Langley Research Centre as well as an army of “mad” scientists working in Energy/Defence department labs across the U.S. are also responsible.

As with the NASA Apollo program, many of those originally involved were ex Nazi or Russian Cold war scientists (even WWII Japanese) recruited, regardless of their earlier crimes, to commit more crimes, this time for the U.S.A.

It’s worth noting the reported experiments carried out in bygone days included The MKULTRA (mind control)/LSD experiments, germ and nuclear fallout testing (on military and civilian personnel), electro-shock treatment on institutional victims and so on. The U.S. Energy and Justice departments are now involved in such programs so the U.S. can escape violation of international defence/agency treaties. That’s also why the “D” for “defence” was dropped from DARPA.

In any event, once a technology is labelled “Top secret-classified” they can use it any way they like on anyone.

Brainwave Monitors & Analysers

Lawrence Pinneo, a neurophysiologist and electronic engineer working for Stanford Research Institute (a military contractor) is the first “known” pioneer in this field. In 1974 he developed a computer system which correlated brain waves on an electroencephalograph with specific commands. In the early 1990s, Dr Edward Taub reported that words could be communicated onto a screen using the thought-activated movements of a computer cursor.

(Currently under secrecy provisions; “Classified”)
In 1994, the brain wave patterns of 40 subjects were officially correlated with both spoken words and silent thought. This was achieved by a neurophysiologist, Dr Donald York, and a speech pathologist, Dr Thomas Jensen, from the University of Missouri. They clearly identified 27 words / syllables in specific brain wave patterns and produced a computer program with a brain wave vocabulary.

It does not take much thinking to realise that the US agencies have access to a perfected version of this technology. In fact the relevant computers have a vocabulary in excess of 60,000 words and cover most languages. In fact, the NSA’s signals intelligence monitor the brainwaves of their targets by satellite and decode the evoked potentials (3.50Hz 5 milliwatts) that the brain emits. So, using lasers / satellites and high-powered computers the agencies have now gained the ability to decipher human thoughts – and from a considerable distance (instantaneously).

How is it Done?

The magnetic field around the head, the brain waves of an individual can be monitored by satellite. The transmitter is therefore the brain itself just as body heat is used for “Iris” satellite tracking (infrared) or mobile phones or bugs can be tracked as “transmitters”. In the case of brain wave monitoring the results are then fed back to the relevant computers. Monitors then use the information to conduct a “conversation” where audible neurophone input is “applied” to the victim.

Human thought operates at 5,000 bits/sec but satellites and various forms of biotelemetry can deliver those thoughts to supercomputers in Maryland, U.S.A, Israel, etc which have a speed of 20 BILLION bits/sec each. These, even today, monitor millions of people simultaneously. Eventually they will monitor almost everyone…worse than any Orwellian “Big Brother” nightmare you could possibly imagine, only it will be a reality. Yet our world leaders, who know this, do nothing.

UPDATE (2005) – IBM’s Blue Gene computer can reportedly process 227 trillion flops per second. Even if each calculation involved only one ‘bit’ of information, one such computer could process more information than five times the earth’s total population… With supercomputers taking overt brain downloads within 40 years, total computer consciousness looms as an open threat for the future of mankind, just as, secretly, it already torments those victimised as covert targets of high tech brain monitoring technology. Usually the targets are aware their brain waves are being monitored because of the accompanying neurophone feedback. In other words, the computer repeats (echoes) your own thoughts and then the human monitors comment or respond verbally. Both are facilitated by the neurophone.

NB Whilst the live/human comments are individualistic and unrelated to the victims own thought processes oftentimes the artificial intelligence involved will parrot standard phrases. These are triggered by your thoughts while the human monitors remain silent or absent. To comprehend how terrible such a thorough invasion of privacy can be – imagine being quizzed on your past as you lie in bed. You eventually fall off to sleep, having personal or “induced” dreams, only to wake to the monitors commenting / ridiculing your subconscious thoughts (dreams).

If the ability to “brain scan” individuals expands from the million or so currently under scrutiny to include ALL inhabitants of the planet (as per the Echelon surveillance system which already monitors ALL private/commercial telecommunications) then no-one will ever be able to even think about expressing an opinion contrary to those forced on us by the New World Order. There will literally be no intellectual property that cannot be stolen, no writing that cannot be censored, no thought that cannot be suppressed (by the most oppressive/invasive means).

The Neurophone: U.S. Patent #3,393,279.
July 16th, 1968. Inventor – Dr Patrick Flanagan (Invented 1958).
Description: A device that converts sound to electrical impulses; allowing information to be transmitted to the brain by means of radio waves directed at any part of the body (skin). In other words, recorded or live messages, noise, music can be directed at an individual and, through the nerves, the signal will be carried (involuntarily) to the brain, bypassing the inner ear, the cochlea, and the 8th cranial nerve.
Purpose: Practically, the Neurophone could be used to communicate with the deaf but, more often, it is used to terrorise political/military targets. The tracked individuals hear recorded/live threats, propaganda etc, which those around them do not hear (delivered mainly via satellite laser). This harasses and discredits the targets; especially if the problem is communicated to those unaware of the relevant technologies.

Advanced Neurophone: U.S. Patent #3,647,970.
March 7th, 1972. Inventor – Dr Patrick Flanagan. (Invented 1967).
Description: This Neurophone incorporates an electronic circuit duplicating the encoding of the Cochlea and 8th cranial nerve themselves. The NSA placed a secrecy order on this development for over 5 years because of the military applications of the technology. Further Neurophone advances include the development of the time recognition processor, improved memory applications and the advances in satellites incorporating neurophone technologies.
Purpose: As Above

Psycho – Acoustic Projector; U.S. Patent #3,566,347.
February 23rd, 1971.
Description: A high directional beam, radiated from a number of transducers and modulated by a speech, code, or noise beat signal. It may take the form of a radiator mounted on a vehicle, aircraft or satellite.
Purpose: To produce aural/psychological disturbances and partial deafness.

Methods & Systems for Altering Consciousness :

1. U.S. Patent #5,123,899. June 23rd, 1992.
Description: A system for stimulating the brain to exhibit specific brain wave rhythms and thereby altering the subjects’ state of consciousness.
2. U.S. Patent #5,289,438. February 22nd, 1994.
Description: A system for the simultaneous application of multiple stimuli (usually aural) with different frequencies and waveforms.
Purpose: To disorientate/manipulate a target.

Silent Subliminal Messages: U.S. Patent #5,159,703.
October 27th, 1992. Inventor – Dr Oliver M. Lowry.
Description: A communication system in which non aural carriers (in the very low or high audio frequency range or the ultrasonic frequency spectrum) are amplified or frequency modulated with the desired “intelligence”, and propagated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement directly into the brain. This can be done “live” or recorded/stored on magnetic, mechanical or optical media for delayed/repeated transmission to the target. Sound can also be induced by radiating the head with microwaves (in the range 100 to 10,000 mhz) that are modulated with a waveform consisting of frequency modulated bursts.
Purpose: To instruct or pass messages; in theory. In reality it’s used to torment political/military targets. (One unpublicised application was the Gulf War)

For more Information on these Technologies visit the website


— citizen_smith

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  1. Quite possibly, but you may also need to see a doctor about that 😉 Mostly this technology bypasses your ears as the sound is projected into your brain or your nervous system.

  2. Similarly to the above question. I have mild ringing in my ears most of the time. The intensity of the ringing has increased since moving to NEw Zealand. Every now and again one ear will go off as though I have a huge bell next to my ear that is been struck and at other times the sound will occure in one ear and then the other as though a freight train is passing through my head. It is very emotionally disturbing and at one time nearly made me burst into tears.

    Do you think that this could be from satelite technology?

  3. a Yo, we have been had, bamboozled,hoodwinked & bushwhacked from the beginning! Everyone is concerned about their own issues but we need to approach and or look at the big-picture, whole of Humanity & our home, Earth. These schmucks have developed such advanced technologies, with help of course, that in what way can we possibly fight or counter-attack? We must brain-storm to find a way or help from “others” to combat this. a Yo, it’s our lives people, family & all. Talk about awakening, more like a rude awakening, cause we have been napping a way too long. a Yo, don’t count on the politician puppets cause they all work for the same evil masters, as we can see the state our world is now. a Yo, Peace & Love!
    ” Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”. Leo Tolstoy

  4. Hrm.. No! The ringing in the ears are actually your non-physical guides that load information to you so that you follow your blueprint when incarnated on Earth (Shan).. It might be possible to induce sound in someones head, but then you need a stronger signal then from a satellite.. More like a mobile phone tower.. I think this is propaganda to scare people away from their inner guides.. They use completely different methods then this to get someone to assassinate someone else.. Study the Montauk project (mind control) and HAARP! And one more thing.. If the ringing in the ears started in the year 2000, you are going to ascend to 5th dimension.. :)

  5. Dec. 15, 2009

    I have been a victim of harassment and intimidation since I uncovered fraud in a USDA federal rural housing program. Please contact me for
    more information. Thanks for this site—I am NOT crazy!!!

  6. Well people we were always told how the crazy people put tin foil on their heads to stop the alien rays.Ha Ha. Well, try wrapping your mobile phone in tin foil and ringing it. Tin foil completely cuts out the signal. Maybe those crazy people with tin foil in their hats knew what they were doing.

  7. This stuff is real. The verbal harassment, the awful jittery feeling with weird and high pitched tones to ALL of the physically invasive abilities mentioned in this website. Ten years ago I would never have believed these articles, now I am a person trying to survive through each and every day. I need help. I need to know who I can contact with complaints & many more details. I need results. I want my life back.

  8. Hi Everyone,

    Recently I’ve been digging up the information described at the top and I am very interested in getting as much information about this as possible. I know for a fact that this is what’s happening to me a group of people electronically is harassing me on daily basis. I can’t sleep at night because I can hear them talking to me continuously calling me names and etc.. I get so tired that I just pass out and go to sleep using headphones and playing music. Starting in the morning I can hear them wherever I go stores, restrooms, and car. I can’t tell where the sound is coming from because the volume is so low it’s practically unnoticeble to other people. I am certain that I am a victim of organized stalking. Please help with any information you might be aware of. There using microwave technology at me at my residence. Nobody believes me but its happening and it took me sometime to come to this conclusion. Please help..

  9. The money for this technology will eventually overwhelm the producers of sattellites.
    It´s simply that simple. Whenever I feel I have received some kind of message , telepathic or otherwise , I tend to stay stuck on it for some time , and then let go of it or visualize it disappearing into the aether.
    I think that once everyone realized that the US government collapsed , what goes for the US government in terms of collapse must therefore ineviteably go for sattellite companies as well in terms of collapse.
    When they began to talk about that nazi germany was in it´s death throes nobody listened.
    A few years later the whole world began to listen.
    So when one man spoke that the EU had collapsed , nobody listened.
    A few years later the whole world will be speaking of the collapse of the EU.
    So if one man speaks of the collapse of the American sattellite companies…….it better be me.

  10. Very informative post. I’ve found your site via Google and I’m really happy about the information you provide in your posts. Btw your sites layout is really messed up on the Chrome browser. Would be cool if you could fix that. Anyhow keep up the good work!

  11. i dont know if velostat or magnets can counter this satellite devices but
    someone needs to find counterways to stop the harrassment. i have suffered for years of someone using a sattellite voice transmitter tracking on and the user transmitting hate. No need to wait for hell its here on earth with users of these type of devices.

  12. The NSA’s Signals Intelligence operations have been used to illegally spy upon American ciizens for decades, by electronically tracking the unique EMF fields that our bodies emanate.

    The NSA utilizes proprietary technology in which to brain fingerprint American citizens, and then tracks them by way of the NSA’s Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. In doing so, NSA can also establish two way wireless computer to brain interface of any American citizen, without that person’s knowledge.

    To learn more about this treasonous violation of the United States Bill of Rights, read John St. Clair Akwei’s lawsuit against the NSA.

  13. I think that a lot of satalites are due to fall back to earth when the planets line up in 2012. The harrassment will stop as the awakening happens as the harrassment is on a low vibration and the planet and solar system is not. The tracking devices on many wifi systems will out track this stuff as the monitoring of emotions on phone lines will intercept these transmittions very soon as I think they are all on the same wave! We are being bombared with this stuff and eventually they will eighther blow up the planet or let us all go and set us free.
    when this happens will our brainwaves have been altered due to the bombardment?

  14. Many of us have seen the two lights in the sky positioned over our homes. It has been suggested these are small air filled balloons (dirigible) that are armed with surveillance equipment. It was mentioned in the regular tv news about a year ago that homeland security was using this type of set up for surveillance.
    It has been my experience that when I travel within a day or two of arriving at my destination the same two lights will appear positioned over my location. This type of setup would be cheap and easy to move. Also a correctly positioned mirror seams to interfere somewhat with tracking.No surprise here since Retro reflectors are commonly used to bounce laser, radio and microwave signals. Who ever is behind this type of harassment needs to be exposed.

  15. The harassment is real. Laugh about the tin foil all you want then read about what retro reflectors are made from. These are commonly used to bounce radio, microwave and laser signals. Instructions to make your own corner retro reflector can be found on the internet. A 90 degree angle in the construction is important if you want to return to sender. Next time you are getting zapped in the temple put your retro reflector in the path and you will find your ache you couldn’t get rid will immediately move. Emergency blankets can be somewhat effective but remember how signals travel. If they are not bounced they will wrap around and enter any holes and continue. Read about how microwave, radio, sonic, laser signals work. Study optics (retro reflectors). Journal of American medicine has articles on the effects of concentrated ultrasound and possible field use. You may find tetanization of interest. Look for your information on technical and medical sites they are your best source of information. Good Luck.

  16. Hi Everyone,

    I am not fully aware of how electronic devices work but ringing in the ear or somebody whispering in the ear the cause may be other than electronic devices like neurophone. First I will tell about hearing ringing of bell in your ear. As per Hindu Yoga this is called the “anahat dhvani” means sound generated without any hiting any object. This is the advance stage of yoga. When one practices Yoga or chants sacred mantras eight types of sound are generated. Listening these sounds leads to higher consciousness and higher psychic powers. Some people get this stage automatically (actually due to their this type of practice in their past life) If your problem is due this the get guidence from a good yogi or a saint.

    The other problem of hearing somebody whispering in the ear continuously is not a good sign. Mostly it is due to a black magic called “Karna Pishachha” . karna means ear and Pishachha means a ghost. A bad person called “Mantrik” will acquire such power by doing some sadhanas to please the Pishachha. Such Pishachha have some powers. If somebody approaches to such mantrik the Pishachha will tell the mantrik in his ear the details of the person regarding his name, names of his relatives, describes the place of residence, his problems, number of currency notes with nubers etc. This is very bad type of magic. If the Mantrik will tell the Pishacha to continuously abuse a victim in his ear then the Pishacha will continually abuse and talk rubish thing in the ear of the victim and this will not heared by any other person near by the victim. The Pishacha will make the poor, inocent, helpless victim mad. To get rid of this a religiously powerful person is required. These type of things are observed in village sides. So corrctly diagnose your problem. May Gog help you.

  17. Hi there, I’d just like to say that, well first of all I have been studying neurophones for a while now, but from what I’ve seen and heard it is a major suprise that this article has been found by the authorities are meant to be keeping these things from the public. I dunno it just seems to me that this site would be a potential threat to those using this technology, but they haven’t made an effort to block this or silence anyone involved…It just seems a bit risky, but it has been up for months now, with many believers leaving comments(no, im not saying that what they wrote was bulls*** at all) but no censorship from the government at all…?

  18. I’m not a big fan of patents as evidence. The Invention Secrecy Act ensures that if someone actually submits a legit patent corresponding to mind-control technology, the information in the patent will be covered up.

  19. you know how I found out if i was being harassed by Satellite was after noticing all the following in 1990, I went out late in the night where there is really no traffic al all, ditched all the cars I felt were tailing me or coming out before me, which I couldn’t understand how they were doing it, was when I finally felt I was completely clear of anyone seeing me, I parked in a very, very dark secluded area that no one could possibly know I was there, and a car out of no where pulled up i5-10 minutes later n the dark and stayed there a minute or two then drove off. there was no reason to be there in this particular area at that time. It was really creepy and I still didn’t know about satellite or what was going on till recently.

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