The Strawman Illusion – You are a Slave.

This issue has confused me for a while, I first watch Jordan Maxwells basic introduction to it on youtube. That got me thinking. From then I have seen Mark McMurtries excellent video series regarding the law and also Thomas J Andersons documentary ‘The Strawman Illusion’. Ever since 1913, most countries around the world have been operating with a private central bank issuing its currency. As the private bank lends the cash to the governments of the world, with interest, the governments have no way possible to pay them back. Ever since 1933 every major country has been BANKRUPT. That is why our $$$$ is worth nothing, it is just worthless paper/plastic. What gives our currency value, is our potential to WORK. We are slaves.

How does this happen? When a boat docks on shore to a foreign land it is berthed. Before anyone or anything can leave the vessel, the ships captain must present the people on the dock with a certificate that details everything that the vessel is carrying, so that the net worth can be valued accordingly eg. gold, foodstock, valuables. When we are born – birthed – our mothers sign a ‘birth certificate’, this is necessary and has been seperated from the traditional method of simply adding our name to a family bible because — we are worth money to the government. Its true, if you get a copy of your original birth certificate it has on it a STOCK EXCHANGE number that you can readily get valued on the market.

What this certification process does at the time is create a corporate entity of the same name that the real life soul (child) carries. For example, Winston Smith is born on a sunny day in 1919, his mother signs a birth certificate which creates the corporate entity named WINSTON SMITH. Note the all caps name. This is deception on a massive scale and its right under our noses. Think about it, every single piece of legislation you have signed carries your all caps, legal fiction. Instead of operating under common law, we have been tricked into voluntarily being suppressed by Admirality Law. UCC. We are products and we dont even realise it. This all caps fiction WINSTON SMITH is considered the strawman of Winston Smith, the natural human soul.

Our countries aren’t the countries we think they are, they are simply CORPORATIONS in every sense of the word. The FREEMAN societies that are popping up all over the internet are all about reclaiming consent of your strawman. Take ownership of your digital self and start being treated like a human again. Watch Jordan Maxwells video to understand properly what I have tried to simplify. Then watch Thomas Andersons to get into the specifics.