U.S. Optical Camouflage Technology Exposed in Iraq


Is this real? Well its certainly under development.

http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?Lo … =ADA477147

This report was prepared as a trade study review of current and projected active camouflage systems. While numerous applications were discussed, the focus was for systems that could be used by infantry soldiers, and specifically for infantry helmet applications. A review of the current and projected active camouflage systems revealed that there are many systems under development for aviation, maritime, and ground operations. Early prototypes for infantry soldiers were presented in detail. A system overview was prepared in order to present camera, image processing, and display solutions. Finally, a discussion focusing on technology limitations, applications, and future considerations was presented. This trade study showed that numerous technologies for active camouflage systems are under development; however major technical roadblocks must be addressed before systems will be ready for infantry applications.

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