Was Joseph Moshe Right??? Baxter up to their Dirty Tricks again..

According to Reuters, the Ukraine has gone into lockdown due to a new illness sweeping across the country. This virulent form of A/H1N1 has swept across the country affecting more than 40,000 people and killing at least 30 in the past few days. “Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko announced the measures, saying the virus had reached epidemic levels in three parts of western Ukraine, where there has been an outbreak of respiratory illness since mid-October.” All schools in the country have been ordered closed and there is to be no public gatherings for at least 3 weeks to help authorities put a lid on this new pandemic outbreak.

But where did this new form of H1N1 come from? Just like the ‘swine flu’ it appeared from apparently nowhere. how ever, if we do a little digging we can surely come up with more than enough to link it to this multi billion dollar corporation, known for ‘accidentally’ killing people through contaminated vaccines and injections. Recently, a man named Joseph Moshe was arrested in America under the pretense of threatening Barack Obama, and/or other members of the White House. This story disappeared from the mainstream news within days of its release, and only now evidence of this ‘threat’ can only be found on conspiratorial news websites.

Why was this story so important and relevant? Joseph Moshe indeed HAD’NT threatened the White House – or anything of that sort. Moshe instead had called into a governmental institution and warned them that Baxter International had intended to create a bio weapon, disguised as a vaccination, and desired to release it into the population. All of this would have sounded far fetched if Joseph Moshe had turned out to be a carpenter from Jerusalem. Instead, we find out that Joseph Moshe was a microbiologist and all of a sudden his claims of bio terrorism carry an enormous amount of weight. So why is Moshe so relevant then? Joseph Moshe, in the hours leading up to his arrest in the USA, had claimed that Baxter was intending to release this Bio weapon INSIDE THE UKRAINE!

All of a sudden, two months ago this story breaks and disappears and only NOW recently what was being claimed then, seems to be eventuating. You don’t have to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ to realize that this is way more involved than a simple coincidence. What proved to me the credibility of this mans claims, was the fact that he can be seen sitting in the car, quite calm and collected AFTER 3 CANISTERS OF TEAR GAS have been fired into his vehicle, and he has been throughly hosed down with pepper spray.

Usually a man would be reduced to a blubbering wreck in the face of that much tear gas – fighting to breath and basically fighting to live. But as you can see clearly above, there is a man simply looking calmly out the window at the shit storm flaring up around him. Joseph Moshe was able to contain himself due to his Mossad training (Israeli secret service)which means he was as hard as nails.

Baxter is at the center of everything because this wouldn’t be the first time they have tried to spark a catastrophic epidemic. They have been caught RED HANDED spreading a live, genetically engineered H5N1 Bird Flu biological weapon, hidden inside standard HUMAN FLU vaccinations. Only by chance was this discovered by a scientist in czech – he had injected a ferret to test the vaccine, when the ferrets all died he knew something was up. Its ok tho, because they are being sued as we speak (put your hand up if you have faith in the legal system…..yarightlol) and again by Dr Leonard Horowitz and also Jane Burgermeister.

Only time will tell how this progresses.

— Citizen Smith

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